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Aqualoy 19 shafts have proven to be successful in many types of boats, including sport fishing and pleasure crafts as well as workboats where improved corrosion resistance is desired.

Aqualoy 19 boat shafting is a chromium-nickel stainless steel that is fully austenitic, non-magnetic, and strengthened by a nitrogen addition. Corrosion resistance is superior to type 304 and better than Aqualoy 17 shafting.

However, like type 304, Aqualoy 19 is susceptible to crevice attack when left idle for prolonged periods in salt or brackish water. All shafts should have proper cathodic protection against corrosion. Navy grade zinc anodes sufficient in number and properly installed will generally provide satisfactory protection. (See Cathodic Protection.)

Aqualoy 19 has also proven itself in demanding service on shrimpers, crabbers, scallopers, and other fishing boats, as well as on pleasure boats. It provides superior toughness and strength, and its shafts are competitive with most carbon steel shafts, since the latter are fitted with sleeves and frequently covered with fiberglass. With Aqualoy 19, there is no need for sleeves or fiberglass, and smaller bearings and stuffing boxes can be used, resulting in lower overall cost.

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Aqualoy 19 boat shafts are manufactured to meet the straightness requirements of Federal Specifications QQ‑N‑281 and QQ‑N‑286 and American Boat and Yacht Council P‑6, unless otherwise noted.

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