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Aqualoy 17 shafts offer the best combination of strength and toughness—at a great value.

That’s why most crew boats in the United States that service offshore drilling rigs are equipped with Aqualoy 17 shafts. So are shrimp trawlers, as well as many pilot boats, patrol boats, and other types of work craft. When installed as original equipment, 17 shafts can be used in smaller diameters because of their strength. This means lighter struts and smaller bearings for less weight, less underwater drag, and lower cost.

Aqualoy 17 is a precipitation hardening stainless steel, which has the highest strength and hardness of all stainless steel boat shafting alloys over 2” in diameter. The composition of Aqualoy 17 has been carefully balanced to provide the maximum corrosion resistance possible in a heat-treatable stainless steel. Corrosion resistance in seawater will approach type 304 but will be less than 19.

Note: Although Aqualoy 17 has been used successfully for years, it is more prone to pitting and crevice corrosion than other marine alloys due to its composition. You can limit this corrosion by using sacrificial anodes and eliminating stagnant water conditions. However, we strongly recommend the Aqualoy 19 or 22/HS products if the intended service conditions make the shaft vulnerable to pitting. We will provide Aqualoy 17 if required, but we will not consider any claims if pitting or crevice corrosion occurs, since Aqualoy 17 is our least corrosion-resistant offering.

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Aqualoy 17 is stocked up to 8″ in diameter and 32′ in length. If you are looking for larger/longer shafting, please inquire.

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