Stainless Gun Barrel Bar Stock

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Western Branch Metals offers the highest quality 416RQ stainless barrel material, supported by the most comprehensive service package in the industry.

All of our barrel bar stock is proudly made in the USA according to our own carefully crafted, proprietary standards. Our attention to the formulation, testing, and delivery of the metal gives barrel producers and end users a superior start toward shooting excellence.

All materials are 100% immersion ultrasonically tested (MIL 2154 Class A) to guarantee internal soundness, freedom from injurious inclusions, and zero surface defects. What’s more, our processes include tighter than industry standard chemistry and mechanical property ranges, heat treatment, and testing—resulting in safe, reliable products that meet or exceed precision barrel makers’ expectations.

lengths, diameters, & hardness


Our most common length for bar stock is 16′ to 17′.

Need another length? We’ll purchase and stock custom lengths that best suit your process and product requirements.


WBM currently stocks the diameters listed below. For additional diameters, please contact us.

Need another length? We’ll purchase and stock custom lengths that best suit your process and product requirements.

1.000” – 1.031” – 1.062” – 1.125” – 1.187” – 1.200” – 1.250” – 1.267” – 1.281” – 1.312” – 1.375” – 1.500” – 1.750” – 2.125”


Rather than the traditional Rockwell C hardness range of 26–32, we offer low (RC 26–28) and high (RC 28–32) hardness materials. By closely controlling our steel making process, we’re able to offer tighter hardness ranges—resulting in a more consistently uniform product from heat to heat and lot to lot. Ultimately, this enables customers to manufacture their barrels in the most efficient manner possible, resulting in top-quality barrels that perform extremely well in the field.

put our expertise to work for you

As your partner, WBM offers unparalleled customer support—even after you receive your materials. Our team of experts will listen to your needs and work with you to deliver custom solutions, including in-house capabilities such as metallography, chemical testing, and hardness testing.

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