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Aqualoy 22/HS provides the best combination of corrosion resistance and strength for marine applications measuring 2” or less in diameter.

It’s ideal for pleasure boats, considering that these boats spend a lot of time docked where corrosion factors may be highest. Aqualoy 22/HS has the best corrosion resistance of any other boat shafting material—it’s even better than most high-nickel alloys. Aqualoy 22/HS boat shafting provides yield strength in torsion up to 3.5 times that of most conventional 300 series boat shafts, plus excellent toughness. Special processing controls provide consistent, high-quality 22/HS boat shafts that are precision straightened, centerless ground, and polished to exacting marine tolerances. Aqualoy 22/HS is an austenitic alloy and is non-magnetic.

get outstanding corrosion resistance

It’s important to note that even though Aqualoy 22/HS is highly resistant to corrosion, cathodic protection is recommended to avoid galvanic corrosion in salt and brackish water. Navy grade zinc anodes will generally provide satisfactory protection. (See Cathodic Protection.)

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Aqualoy 22/HS boat shafts are centerless ground, polished, and precision straightened to meet the straightness requirements of Federal Specifications QQ-N-281, QQ-N-286 and ABYC-P-6. Longer lengths are available upon request.


Aqualoy 22 High-Strength provides the same corrosion resistance as Aqualoy 22 but also offers the strength of the 17 2-1/4” through 6” in diameter. It is ideal for vessels requiring higher strength shafts while maintaining the highest possible corrosion resistance. Aqualoy 22 High Strength is an austenitic alloy and is non-magnetic.

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